Security and Detection Equipment

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Aon Fire and Safety is one of the leading detection and security equipment suppliers in South Africa, offering a wide range of products to meet all our customers’ needs and requirements.

Alcohol testers

Before you get on the road, make sure that you are sober enough to drive. The consequences of driving while over the legal alcohol limit can potentially ruin not only your own life, but the lives of others. Aon Fire and Safetystocks alcohol testers that are digital and disposable to easily determine whether or not you are over the limit.

Handheld metal detector

It’s not always practical for building security to have walkthrough metal detectors in place as they can take up a lot of space. Handheld metal detectors are convenient in these situations as they are small and can thus be used in tight spaces. They are rechargeable, can be stored away for protection. When used, they make a sound and vibration when metal, which could potentially be a concealed weapon, is detected.

Walkthrough metal detector

If you have the space for it, walkthrough metal detectors are a great solution for your building’s security needs. They scan a person’s entire body at once and thus saves time and eliminates human error. Aon Fire and Safety’s walkthrough metal detectors are free standing and easy to install.

Underground metal detector

When you need to locate metal which is underground for whatever reason, Aon Fire and Safety’s underground metal detector is the perfect solution. It can detect any metal pipes, cables, etc. up to 1.5m deep.

Under vehicle inspection mirror

Under vehicle inspection mirrors are used when you want to make sure that there are no suspicious objects under your vehicle that could potentially threaten your life, and the lives of your passengers. This could include bombs and other life-endangering objects. IC Security’s inspection mirrors come complete with a light and carry bag.

Convex mirrors

Convex mirrors allow you and your staff to be aware of things happening around corners or behind shelves in a store by reflecting the image back to you. The curved shape is what makes this possible. Aon Fire and Safety offers convex mirrors in various sizes to suit your needs and spaced requirements.


Spotlights put the focus on objects that are far away in the dark, enabling you to see it. When it comes to security, spotlights assist officers and/or guards to spot and apprehend a person in the dark from a long distance away. IC Security’s spotlights are available in intensities from 1 million candle light to 10 million candle light.

Ultraviolet lamps (desktop and portable)

Ultraviolet lamps are used to see particles or substances that can normally not be seen by the human eye or traces of something that has been washed away. This has helped police catch suspects for a long time and continues to do so. IC Security offers a range of desktop and portable ultraviolet lamps.

Traffic cones

IC Security supplies traffic cones in sizes from 300mm, 450mm and 750mm.