Security Uniforms

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security uniforms

Whether for combat or a professional appearance, security uniforms are a must for guards or officers working for security companies. Aon Fire and Safetyoffers the full solution to security uniform needs, from the crown to the ground. Our security uniforms include:

Combat shirts

Combat shirts are available in long and shorts sleeves with two breasted button down flaps and epaulettes. They are made from a 65/35% poly-cotton blend.

Combat trousers

Aon Fire and Safety offers MOC or full combat trousers with side and back pockets. MOC combat pants have MOC pockets on the side and full combat trousers have side pockets that open. Trousers are made from a 65/35% poly/cotton blend.

Combat jerseys

Aon Fire and Safety carries a range of combat jerseys available in a variety of colours to complete your security personnel’s uniforms.

Step outs

Aon Fire and Safety carries a range of step out uniforms available in a variety of colours. For a professional look when your security personell are not on guard, step outs are the perfect solution.

Security jackets

Aon Fire and Safety offers a range of security jackets to make sure your security personell stay warm, without sacrificing a cohesive and professional appearance.

Leather and web belts

To complete our uniform offering, Aon Fire and Safety carries a range of leather and web belts.

Berets and caps

Aon Fire and Safety’s berets caps come in an assortment colours, including blue, black, khaki and brown. If requested, we can provide caps in colours not specified here. We can also embroider your company’s logo on your caps to promote your brand.

Combat boots

Boot are available in canvas, leather and leather/nylon. All available in black and the canvas boots are available in navy as well.


Aon Fire and Safety carries a range of shoes for the complete uniform solution, head to toe.


Our lanyards are available in a wide range of colours.

Security whistles

Security whistles are used to warn assailants of the presence of security guards as well as alerting other guards that you need their assistance, without using a radio. Aon Fire and Safety supplies quality security whistles, available in silver.

Epaulettes and flashes

Aon Fire and Safety offers a range of epaulettes and flashes in a variety of colours to indicate rank. If you wish, your company’s logo can also be embroidered on to it.