Tactical Equipment

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Tactical Equipment

Ensure that you are protected against any situation with Aon Fire & Safety’s range of tactical gear. From tactical gear to accessories, this range is for use by security personnel and individuals alike. Our range of tactical gear and equipment includes:

Ballistic helmets

Aon Fire and Safety’s ballistic helmets offer level IIIA protection, with 4 point chin strap harness weight of 1.250g.

Battle jackets

Battle jackets come with multiple pockets for you to store all your tactical equipment, like torches, handcuffs, pepper spray, etc. For total comfort, they also have adjustable straps, ensuring a perfect fit.

Tactical bags

Aon Fire & Safety’s tactical bags are custom made to meet your exact requirements. They are easy to carry, store all your tactical equipment and zip open so you can effortlessly access your equipment.

Pepper spray

Strong enough to deter any attacker, pepper spray is available in fog and direct stream and comes in tins of 60ml and 100ml.

Tactical torches

Seeing as how most crime occurs at night, tactical torches are needed to apprehend criminals even in dark areas. Aon Fire & Safety offers a wide range of quality tactical torches.

Tactical gloves

Aon Fire & Safety offers a range of tactical gloves to protect your hands without hampering your trigger finger.

Tactical extendible batons

Protect yourself with handheld, extendable steel batons from Aon Fire & Safety. They can be extended from 15cm for ease of carrying, to 50cm for a longer distance between you and your attacker.

Handcuffs and cable ties

Once you have successfully defended yourself and would like to restrain your attacker for the purpose of an arrest, for example, you will need handcuffs or cable ties to prevent them from escaping. Aon Fire & Safety offers a range of security handcuffs, SAPS handcuffs and cable ties for multiple cuffing.

Night vision

Torches become unpractical when you need to see in the dark, but do not want to risk being seen by others. This is where Aon Fire & Safety can assist you by stocking a wide range of night vision equipment.

Paintball equipment

Paintball equipment can be used for more than just fun and games. When rifles with resin and pepper ball shots are used, it can become a powerful self-defence weapon. It is a non-lethal alternative to having a gun and requires no licence.

JPX jet protectors

For self-protection without the risk of killing your assailant, JPX jet protectors fire pepper and dye solutions at 435km/h and are effective within a range of 7 meters. Best of all – it requires no licence.